We are an online boutique made up of a handful of artists and people who love doing great work. Our stories are inspired by our families, our experiences, and the mission to share that through what we make and what we do.


At Launch we love colors and pattern; but we'll always have an incredible black dress in stock. We believe in quality fabrics, quality manufacturing, and a quality experience because what we make matters—to our customers, to this planet and to us. 






I tell stories and connect people. Style is the watermark I leave on every project I do from LA to St. Louis. It might not be in-your-face but it's there.

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Years of travel and consulting shaped my appreciation for mindful living and finance.  My great taste? Credit Mom, my hometown of Detroit & Chicago for lots of inspiration.



I'm a professional information technologist for over 10 years, but we connected long before that at the Gap when Lia & I were just starting out.



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My job is to fill Launch with the merchandise and people who bring out the best parts of personal style: poise, beauty, kindness, and leaning into what makes us the finest.

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We are looking to add another person to upload inventory and be on hand in St. Louis part-time. Interested? Email your resume and information to: contact@love-launch.com

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Merchandise stocked in St. Louis processes 3-5 days a week. Items not stocked in St. Louis take a little more time but generally arrive to you within a 1-5 week window.


You have 30 days to exchange unwanted regular price items for Store Credit that can be used at your convenience online. We do not offer cash refunds.


We welcome your call, email or message because we're happy to help make  sure that what arrives at your door is exactly what you want the first time.


The people of

love-launch.com are a mix of customers & family members who connect beyond our website through social media, email, text, phone & events.

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In 1919 Greek refugees Stephanos and Evangelia Constantinides settled in St. Louis and opened the Progressive Dry Cleaners in the northern part of the city. Their oldest daughter, Olympia, worked as a seamstress with her brother Platon until it closed in 2006 and passed onto her granddaughter and namesake Olympia (Lia) Glynias  a love for style and dressing.


There are few things I remember more vividly than playing dress-up in grandma’s closet,” remarked Glynias. “And in high school I spent hours in the attic with my parent’s old clothes—ties, dresses, a leather duster from the 70s. Dressing was an opportunity to express and to play. I remember my grandmother telling us over and over that how we look when we leave the house is how the world will see us and treat us. The lesson was how I dressed could launch me to where I wanted to be.


Where she wanted to be was New York City, the garment district in the center of Manhattan to be exact.

An opportunity with GAP moved her there and Glynias spent the next 12 years advancing from Manager, to National Sales & Marketing Director, and eventually designer and Private Label Director with brands Roni Rabl & Bombshell Accessories. She traveled to Europe for fashion shows and across the USA to work with buyers and retailers as varied as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus to Fred Segal and Hot Topic.


“I had a rare & lucky moment: I was young and ambitious, a combination of  Midwestern values and an immigrant work ethic with this European sense of style sprinkled on top and I was living on my own which gave me freedom to travel. Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago were all centers for the apparel industry outside of NYC & LA and in the back of my mind I thought, this could be in St. Louis.”


In 2014 the call to return to St. Louis became stronger.  Olympia Glynias, the seamstress, moved to assisted living as her battle with Alzheimer’s Disease advanced and granddaughter Lia knew it was time to come home.  Her return meant that the newly incorporated company, LAUNCH, would come with her which was providing import and design services for international designers at the time.  After moving to The Hill in 2015, Glynias began a relationship with designer Nina Ganci from Skif Int’l that would prove to be fortuitous. “Nina is a generous person by nature,” remarked Glynias as she recounted being invited by Ganci to show her lines at a St. Louis Fashion Week Shopping event and later expand into a pop-up shop in a building owned by the designer.

LAUNCH Clothing & Accessories formally opened it’s doors at 2008 Marconi Avenue in June of 2016 carrying both local and international designer clothing. Launch has participated in a number of events including St. Louis Fashion Week, The Factory Fashion Show, The Feminine Cartel, Wonderland Runway and has been featured in a variety of local and national publications.  In 2017 LAUNCH Clothing & Accessories expanded online as www.love-launch.com and expanded their social media presence to over 5k followers.  Growth in 2019 included collaborative work within the St. Louis fashion community and additional retail space, which made shopping in our stores possible in both the city & county.  On March 17th 2020 LAUNCH closed it's brick & mortar doors in compliance with the St. Louis shelter-in-place order and began making and donating masks while re-organizing and adjusting to the changing times. Over the next two years the website flourished as the world changed and Launch stayed connected to the St. Louis community by popping up at the brand-new City Foundry on Forest Park.  In 2022 the story evolves as we continue to work with established and emerging independent makers and designers from around the world and around the corner both online and in our newly opened Upstairs Stockroom, back home on The Hill.

“We're going through an incredible time right now, and there is opportunity to shape the future.  In it's own way LAUNCH is a small piece of that--leading, innovating and connecting through fashion, which affects our culture. My job is to be the first to buy the best and share that with anyone who wants to do the same.” – Lia Glynias Restrepo, Fall 2016