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About our 

Yamazaki Home brings thoughtful creativity to everyday items by combining function with beauty.  They design elegant solutions with a modern point of view to display the beautiful things in your home without competing with them.

Constructed of stainless steel and 100% natural wood, these simple pieces are a standard above alternative retailers for smart organization and storage.

Designed in Japan. Created in Brooklyn & China.

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We always welcome a challenge.
We don't believe in staying the way we are.
We were born in order to change.

Yamazaki brings thought and creativity to everyday items through design inspired by life in Japan.
We create new products to improve the quality of your life.

We believe in acting on the sense of wonder to develop new and clever ideas bring into each customer's home.

This is our mission.

Yamazaki started as a family business, born in Japan over 100 years ago.
Originally they were a company that manufactured only ironing boards, but as the needs of customers evolved, so did the brand. Nowadays, Yamazaki Home products offer a range of housewares designed with special attention to simplicity, practicality, quality and space saving.
Yamazaki is recognized throughout Japan for bringing intelligent design and deep thought to everyday items.
With an in-house team creating over a hundred products per year based in Japan, their journey to become a global brand brings them to the USA, and continues onward all around the world.