By Alec Izarov

About our 
NY 77 Design

NY 77 Design is a collection that left an impression on me years ago.


The strong architectural and urban themes represented my dream "city girl" closet. After developing a friendship with Alec and Artem, I was thrilled when he suggested we introduce St. Louis to the brand at Launch.


I hope you feel as inspired and powerful by his work as I do.

in HIS

Our design helps to enhance a woman’s personal style and focuses on freedom of movement and independence. We use premium quality fabrics and we take pride in quality and comfort above all else.

Architecture in Fashion. 


Transferring colors from nature to our designs.

Amazing styles made specially for you!

- NY 77 Design


NY 77 Design has been dressing women around the world for the past 20 years. Alec Izarov founded NY 77 Design in 1999 in New York City, NY.

NY 77 Design is a contemporary blend of style and individuality. Designer Alec Izarov wanted to take his aesthetic and really manifest it into a brand.

The brand’s cool, timeless collections are inspired by Alec’s interest in architecture, modern art, and urban culture. NY 77 Design hallmark is to offer a unique and personal style to women around the world.