The Short Story

Lower prices

Orders arrive in 1-8 weeks

Problem? You can contact LAUNCH to do the legwork to be sure what you buy is delivered.


The Full Story

About our 

Factory clothing is offered at a lower price with a longer delivery time.

We do not accept any Factory returns unless items arrived damaged or defective. Please take a photo of the damage when you request a refund or return.

Selection is updated continuously. Sometimes hourly. Sometimes weekly. It's a good place to check out regularly throughout the year.


As a buyer, I have access to 100s of new new designs: beautiful, unique things that I would love to share at great prices but I can't warehouse and quality control all of it.

So after a year of thinking different and being different it seemed like a good time to try something different. We are always working to be better, and continue to do that no matter what.

Factory gives smart shoppers tons styles to chose from that are not available on our regular web-shop. Almost all merchandise will be sent directly to you from the factory. Buy at below retail prices with longer than retail delivery time and get into the excitement of being a Buyer.