365 Days

March 17, 2021 — exactly one year ago today we closed the St. Louis brick and mortar in-person shopping. The city put out a Shelter-In-Place order as the news of a medical emergency was closing in on us.

I had mixed feelings about a two-week closure. On one hand I was pretty shook up about the world news and felt a duty to follow the directions about staying in.

On the other hand, I was worried about rent and business and what exactly being closed would mean.

But overall, I was pretty glued to the news.

I’ve learned a lot in this year. I’ve learned to slow down, to do less and do it better; and that whatever I do, the people who surround me matter. Choose them wisely, care for them earnestly.

What does that have to do with my business? Good question. As a business, I’ve learned Launch can’t be all things to all people—but customers can count on us to find stylish clothing that will fit a woman’s body.

One customer may want personal attention — and to them I say we will be in touch.

Another customer may want personal space — and for them I say Launch will continue to offer beautiful things for you to check out and receive at your home whenever you’re ready for something new.

I am proud to say that throughout this year our online store has remained open and hundreds of shipments have gone out around the corner, across the country and throughout the world.

From the bottom of my toes, thank you to everyone for making that possible.

And today, no matter where you find yourself, I hope you feel good in the skin you’re in, and amazing in the clothes that embrace it.

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