Feeling Fine

A box arrived of gorgeous goodies and it made me smile. Our favorite knits are back and they feel fine...

We are in very uncertain times. I'm concerned, trying to stay vigilent and responsible because of the effects of COVID19. I have never used more bleach in my life. LAUNCH was created in 2015 to sell beautifully made designer clothing in the USA. Over the years we have added ecommerce, brick and mortar and countless other outlets to meet and serve new customers. Thank you for allowing us to do that. 2020 is an interesting time and things all around us are changing. COVID-19 continues to evolve. We, just as all of you, are trying our best to follow the recommendations of our leaders. Right now, is open for business and will continue our mission of selling beautiful things for you to have in your life. The stores will remain closed until further notice in compliance with the Shelter Order in effect here in St. Louis. I want to be clear, we will survive this. I was lucky enough to learn from mentors that we do not close because things are bad. The bad times will not last forever, and it is our responsibility to survive and support each other. I want you to know, that we have been working with our designers and partners to do that during this time. For those at home like us, I have just released new items online along with Launch giftcards. Purchases of giftcards may be made through our website or by emailing us directly at and will have a bonus 10% discount applied through April 15th. Thank you for these years of fashion and friendship. I look forward to being able to stand with everyone again in person. Until then, stay healthy and please stay connected. Email anytime, Lia Glynias Owner

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