No One's Perfect

It's late, and in this COVID world I find myself working on the business I love and simultaneously hearing myself think... 'what a mess, you'll never get your inventory as organized as it should be.' And then it hits me, no I won't. Because should doesn't exist, it's a dream notion where everything is perfect. No merchandise arrives incorrect and no maker or worker ever makes a mistake. The photos are perfect, the inventory is always consistent and every customer is happy. It doesn't seem so impossible until I realize I have never worked for (much less owned) a real company that can actually claim any of those things. And then I remembered a phrase I wrote in my notebook last week when I was trying to focus on what LAUNCH marketing was supposed to communicate: Real women, Real life.

I have an old habit of doing the best job I can and presenting the best package possible--call it a holdover from overachiever days back in school--and frankly, it's out of style. What's in-style is mistakes and imperfection. It's the oversized top that forgives whatever I'm feeling so I can focus on what I'm doing. It's pattern mixing and texture combining that I wouldn't expect and might break a few rules, but it works.

Real life is hard and the challenges are changing by the minute, but progress IS being made. Looking back on this year makes that crystal clear. It's not what this year should have been, but this is what it is:

In 2020 brick and mortar shopping closed for LAUNCH. The website expanded to offer new brands and a larger selection from existing labels. So while we might not get to see you in person, we get to show you a lot more.

During this transition there has been a lot of stuff to navigate and I'm doing my best, apologies for when I fall short and woo hoo's all around for the times I don't. :) Fall 2020 is made up of my most favorite clothes I've ever carried, and that is 100% real.

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