Cotton face masks, hand made in St. Louis by request from re-purposed materials, with around the head stretch (my personal favorite fit for comfort), metal nose bridge, and filter pocket.


Multi Pack orders are eligable for a free "Made in USA" decal upgrade. Custom decals available upon request.


To purchase 1 - 9 masks shop


10+ uniits are $10 each

40+ units are $7.50 each


1-2 week shipping window for orders of 100 or less, delivery will be standard ground shipping from St. Louis unless otherwise arranged.

Multi Mask Pack

  • Description

    Face Masks to cover the nose and mouth with metal nose bridge and pocket for filter insert.

  • Content

    Cotton and cotton blend

  • Designer

    LAUNCH Clothing & Accessories by Lia Glynias

  • Manufactured

    Handmade in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Care

    After each wear, the cotton mask should be cleaned. Machine washable and dryable. May be steam cleaned for sterilization.  Please keep in mind that before or after each wear the mask should be heated above 200 degrees during cleaning to protect against the spread of the COVID19 virus.

  • Sizing

    One size fits most. Special size requests can be made.