"Kędziorek. A woman naturally dressed"

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Kędziorek has been on our radar for years, and we are excited to officially debut it at Launch. The eye-catching architecture and unique details of the designs paired with quality construction make the collection stand out.

We are introducing the line with three of their winter jackets. These pieces fit with the life and style of our clients and offer incredible value and design.

Designed & manufactured in Poland.

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The Author of Costumes

Joanna Kędziorek communicates through her fashion collections. As a costume designer for movies and television, she has designed costumes for feature films: "Bitter-Sweet" (1996), "Happy New York" (1997), and "Haker" (2002). In addition, Joanna has worked on advertising campaigns including Pepsi, Fiat, Volkswagen, and BMW (in campaigns for the USA and Western Europe).


Joanna Kędziorek speaks through her work. With clothing she communicates across a variety of platforms to audiences all around the world.


The Kędziorek brand is rooted in values of minimalism, precise cutting, high quality materials, and comfort.


Since its founding in 2004, designer Joanna Kędziorek has released two new collections each year, available in over 50 boutiques, among others in England, Canada, Poland, the United States and Lithuania. Since 2012, the show of the premiere Kędziorek collection has been a regular item on the FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland schedule.

Kędziorek is a brand well known to readers of the Collezioni magazine and awarded by the London DASH magazine by the publication LABEL OF THE DAY; she also had her presentation on Vogue Italy. Joanna Kędziorek's designs are in the permanent collection of the Central Museum of Textiles.

The value and charm of Kędziorek's clothes are appreciated by women who like comfort, naturalness and simple, though not obvious solutions.