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Obsessed. The tones of blue are perfect, and this really nails the look because the pants already are a mixture of prints. So pairing a new print in the button up in the right shades is awesome. I love that you took a romantic pant and gave it a cool street-wear feeling so effortlessly.

Me gusta

Below, you will see an array of outfits that feature various colors of green. Taking cues from a beautiful garden, all greens go together. I really like how the Kaziuki long day coat can look classy and refined when coupled with white pants and top but look totally fun and playful with a change in colored pants and top

Kaziuki Jane Paper Flower Day Long Coat over white pants and tank top from my closet

Kaziuki Jane Paper Flower Day Long Coat over Kozan Adan Tunic - Margarita and Alembika Green Tekbika Drawstring Pant


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